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FinCrime Risk Management

Elucidate is a financial crime risk quantification platform.

Debt Collection 

Troy combines successful and friendly debt collection with cutting-edge CRM.

Digitalizing Real Estate

EverReal’s goal is to enable zero-touch transactions in real estate.

Data Automation

Acodis product is a machine learning based self-service platform which helps automate data-related business processes.

Revolutionize Conversations

SenseStreet digitizes and automates fixed income trading desks at investment banks.

Connecting App's with Telcos

Reloadly powers the future of cross border digital mobile payments to emerging markets.


IoT Insurance Platform

Helvengo's platform connects risk capacity with sensor technology and real-time data to mitigate insurable risks. 

Open Banking Technology

OptioPay is building an ecosystem unlocking value from consumers' financial data.

Utility Management is a utility contract management platform.


Digitizing Law

Hopkins is a tech-enabled consumer law firm, digitizing legal processes.

Banking for Gen-Z

Zelf offers financial services embedded in common messengers.


Sustainable Energy

Dabbel reduces the energy consumption in commercial real estate.


Automate Loss Modelling

Augmize automates loss modelling for insurers with interpretable AI.


Digital Trademark protection

Digip provides a plateform to register, protect and maintain your trademark rights.


Workspace Booking App 

Deskimo enables professionals to find great places to work wherever they are.


Intelligent procurement solution

Procurement software that covers and digitizes all “Request for proposal” communications


Self-employed insurance

Platform that provides flexible and embedded insurances for the self-employed


Global payroll solution

Platform that helps companies hire remotely and efficiently manage payroll


One-click checkout

Volume provides a one-click checkout solution based on open banking


Accounting software for SMEs

Platform that provides fully-fledged trustee ("Treuhand") services and accounting solutions

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Fund management software

 Cloud-based software for NAV data processing

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Digital receipts platform

Infrastructure for digital receipts and management of payment data


B2B e-commerce checkout

Payment platform for B2B ecommerce combining check-out with credit


Rent-to-own solution

Service to democratize and accelerate home ownership


Property sale solution

Product suite to help real estate owners renovate and sell faster


Digital Reinsurance Ecosystem

Platform to allow cedents, brokers and reinsurers to efficiently close deals


Financial ecosystem for SMEs

Platform centralizing all financial services for ecommerce


Bank Payment Enabler

Product suite to digitize and automate payment processes


Financial Planning for SMEs

Platform for Strategic financial planning and analysis

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